Senior React Native Fullstack Software Engineer

for Smart TV Product

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    React Native

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Kotlin, AWS, React Native


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    About the Client

    Founded in 2021 by serial entrepreneurs and investors (with multiple exits and prior companies with annual revenues in billions of dollars). Backed by several Silicon Valley’s top VC firms.

    Project details

    A new revolutionary smart TV product that redefines what a TV can be. With future-proofed sensors and delightful OTA updates, we’re envisioned to become the hub of the reinvented living room. This and a host of other next-gen features make our product a truly revolutionary technology that goes beyond just smart.

    Your Team

    The team will consist of 35+ team members, working in Agile methodology. Come, be a part of the future of entertainment!

    What's in for you

    • Interview process that respects people and their time
    • Professional and open IT community
    • Internal meet-ups and resources for knowledge sharing
    • Time for recovery and relaxation
    • Bright online and offline events
    • Opportunity to become part of our internal volunteer community
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    • Further development of the mobile app
    • Planning and implementation of new functions for the mobile app
    • The analysis and resolution of user problems are also part of your range of tasks


    • 5+ years of experience designing, implementing and building high-quality Web Applications
    • JavaScript, Typescript, React Native, Kotlin
    • Full-Stack Client Engineer
    • CI/CD pipelines and TDD

    Preferred qualifications:

    • AWS Experience
    • Experience in the TV entertainment domain
    • Experience in non-mobile builds (TV, Watch, Tablet, etc)
    • Experience working within a distributed team
    • Experience in Local Network Device communications: IoT, Bluetooth, mDNS
    • Experience working with Third Party SDKs
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    Juan Hernandez

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