Senior QA Automation Engineer (Hardware & Software testing)

for Innovative Consumer Telecom Applications

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Java, Labview, Appium, CI/CD


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    About the Client

    Our customer is a NY-based company that helps industry leaders achieve immediate goals with an eye toward long-term objectives.

    Project details

    The future colleagues are joining a team, not a short-term project. A successful candidate will see their role change over the years with us being part of a larger team that supports new and existing products.

    A candidate may work on both something entirely new and/or something that has been being developed for a year+ at this point.

    We are in search of a unique blend of skills in the realm of software engineering. While the primary focus remains on software, the ideal candidate must exhibit experience with certain hardware technologies. The main responsibility is to develop Appium-based tests for a custom Android application tailored to our unique AOSP-based hardware device. In collaboration with our US-based hardware team, the candidate will also work on developing tests using LabView, especially in terms of interfacing with our hardware test automation equipment.

    Your Team

    The core team is based in NY, fulfilling diverse roles from product managers to testers. In Ukraine, we have a robust team of over 10 engineers, testers, and other technical specialists. They are divided into groups to tackle different projects.

    What's in for you

    • Interview process that respects people and their time
    • Professional and open IT community
    • Internal meet-ups and resources for knowledge sharing
    • Time for recovery and relaxation
    • Bright online and offline events
    • Opportunity to become part of our internal volunteer community
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    • Appium-Based Testing: Design, write, and execute Appium-based tests for our custom Android application, ensuring compatibility and performance with our proprietary device.
    • Collaboration: Engage closely with the US-based hardware team to align software and hardware strategies, ensuring both components work seamlessly.
    • LabView Interface Development: As the project advances, delve into developing LabView tests. This involves creating interfaces with the hardware test automation equipment, moving beyond mere software tests and exploring hardware interactions.
    • Complex Testing Scenarios: The role will evolve to encompass more intricate tests that combine both software and hardware components, demanding a keen understanding of both domains.


    • At least 4+ years of experience in software testing and automation
    • Proficiency in both Software and Hardware Test Automation
    • LabView expertise will be a significant advantage
    • Strong knowledge of Appium and other automation testing tools
    • A team-oriented mindset with commendable written and verbal communication skills
    • Upper-Intermediate level in English
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    Vasylii Demianets

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