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Python, Django, FastAPI, AWS, SQL, GraphQL


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    About the Client

    Our customer is a team of experienced large-scale donors, philanthropy advisors, and technologists committed to making philanthropy more accessible, effective, and meaningful.

    Exclusive platform for ultra-high net worth individuals and their families to get started with a rewarding, effective, and efficient giving program, combining “self-service” technology and “white glove” services.

    Core Principles:

    • Donor and family goals at the solution center
    • Build, collaborate and iterate on your giving plan
    • Measure your impact, not just your activity
    • Drive change in your cause areas with public charities and innovative initiatives
    • Universal view of all your giving, from your DAF, Private Foundation, both or even cash

    Project details

    This is a unique solution that allows users to simplify the donation process as much as possible and make it informative, intuitive, useful and reachable only in two clicks.

    Your Team

    As a key member of our small but hungry team, you’ll play a crucial role in designing and implementing high-impact features for our users, all while fostering a culture of speed, innovation, and excellence.

    What's in for you

    • Interview process that respects people and their time
    • Professional and open IT community
    • Internal meet-ups and resources for knowledge sharing
    • Time for recovery and relaxation
    • Bright online and offline events
    • Opportunity to become part of our internal volunteer community


    • Design, develop, and maintain scalable backend systems using Python, Django, and FastAPI
    • Work directly with senior product and tech leadership to build an enterprise-scale, tech-first giving platform, powered by automations and AI
    • Optimize and improve existing backend services for performance and scalability
    • Work closely with front-end developers to integrate user-facing elements seamlessly and build amazing product experiences
    • Participate in code reviews, mentor junior developers, and actively contribute to the continuous improvement of our development processes


    • 5+ years of experience as a Python developer, with a focus on backend development
    • Expertise with Python and Django framework.
    • Strong proficiency in SQL schema design and query performance
    • Knowledge of API design best practices and experience in building robust B2Band client-facing REST and GraphQL APIs.
    • Understanding of backend architecture for designing and implementing complexfeatures across and between related services that are performant at scale
    • Excellent problem-solving skills and a proactive attitude towards addressingchallenges.
    • Product-minded approach to technical issues, always considering businessintent and striving for the “best” solution.

    Recommended / Desired Experience

    • Familiarity with AWS and containerization
    • Experience in the financial sector, including building software involvinginvestments, money movements, and payments platforms.
    • Understanding of AI and LLM application patterns (orchestration, RAG,refinement, prompting, etc)
    • Experience with development and deployment strategies for enterprise SaaSplatforms (eg. multi-tenancy, feature flagging and configuration, data security,etc)
    • Strong understanding and enforcement of scalable, robust CI/CD
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