Senior Data Visualization Engineer

for Building Materials Producer

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    Data Engineer

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Data Visualization, JavaScript, Node.js, D3.js, Power BI


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    About the Client

    Our client on the market for 150 years. With more than 51,000 employees at almost 3,000 sites in over 50 countries, the company is one of the world’s largest integrated manufacturers of building materials and solutions with leading market positions in cement, aggregates, and ready-mixed concrete. Their products and services are used in the construction of houses, infrastructure, commercial and industrial facilities.

    At the center of actions lies their responsibility for the environment. They are forerunners on the road to carbon neutrality and circular economy in the building materials industry. They are working on intelligent and sustainable building materials as well as solutions for the future. The client also enables new opportunities for his customers through digitalisation.

    Project details

    The goal of this project is to develop a digital innovator in the heavy building material industry. The client is building a web-based analytics platform that will provide insight across the value chain, solving real-world pain points with massive impact.

    Your Team

    The team is located in Montreal, Costa Rica and Colombia.

    What's in for you

    • Interview process that respects people and their time
    • Professional and open IT community
    • Internal meet-ups and resources for knowledge sharing
    • Time for recovery and relaxation
    • Bright online and offline events
    • Opportunity to become part of our internal volunteer community
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    • Design Custom Power BI Components: Create innovative and efficient designs for custom Power BI components, visuals, and widgets that meet client requirements and enhance user experience
    • Refactor Components and Widgets: Transition components and widgets from various technology stacks such as React, Angular, and Vue.js to data visualization platforms like Power BI and Tableau. This includes optimizing code, ensuring compatibility, and maintaining high performance
    • Environment Setup for Power BI Visual Development: Establish and maintain the development environment required for creating Power BI visuals. This includes configuring software, managing libraries, and ensuring an efficient workflow for the development team


    • Data Visualization Expertise: At least 3 years of professional experience in the field of data visualization, demonstrating a track record of successful projects
    • JavaScript Proficiency: Strong skills in JavaScript, with the ability to write efficient, clean, and well-documented code
    • Node.js Knowledge: Experience with Node.js, including understanding its asynchronous programming model and its use in backend development
    • D3.js Experience: Proficiency in D3.js for creating dynamic and interactive data visualizations
    • Power BI Mastery: Extensive experience with Power BI is essential. This includes familiarity with its various components, custom visual development, and integration capabilities
    • Tableau Familiarity: While not mandatory, experience with Tableau is beneficial, providing additional versatility in data visualization tools
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