Middle QA Automation Engineer

for Telecommunication Project

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Terraform, Cypress, Selenium, Jenkins, Confluence, Jira, Python


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    About the Client

    Leading the telecommunications tower sector in Saudi Arabia and the region, our client boasts having installed over 15,000 towers throughout the Kingdom. Specializing in infrastructure sharing, it facilitates telecom companies, government, and private entities. By owning and overseeing passive infrastructure, they lease spaces to various sectors, fostering cost-effective and efficient service delivery. The company’s ongoing expansion aims to cover new cities, rural areas, and remote destinations, enhancing economies of scale and minimizing environmental impact for telecom providers. 

    Project details

    This role entails work at the customer site in Saudi Arabia for a minimum of 1 year. Extension is possible.

    Embark on an exciting journey with our Quality Assurance Change Management – a Managed Services project. We’re diving into various important tasks to make sure everything runs smoothly:
    Testing Methods in Modern InfraCO; Testing Automation; Environments Strategy: set up and manage different testing spaces; Testing Data Strategy; Automation Architecture; Automated Test Cases; Infrastructure Automation with Terraform.

    The Project Scope includes:
    QA Service Strategy; Automated Testing; Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery; Manual Testing; User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Performance and Load Testing; Security Testing; Quality Assurance Reporting.

    Your Team

    You will join a team of 7 quality assurance professionals.

    What's in for you

    • Interview process that respects people and their time
    • Professional and open IT community
    • Internal meet-ups and resources for knowledge sharing
    • Time for recovery and relaxation
    • Bright online and offline events
    • Opportunity to become part of our internal volunteer community


    • Design, author, run, debug, and update automated test cases: You’ll create and maintain automated test scripts to validate software functionality.
    • Ensure 100% data quality: You’ll be responsible for validating Core Trip Flow events, both structurally and semantically.
    • Collaborate with QA Analysts and Software Developers: Work closely with cross-functional teams to develop effective solutions.
    • Stay updated with industry developments: Keep abreast of the latest trends and advancements in test automation.

    Remote position but would be nice to have: willing to travel


    • 3+ years of experience as a Software Automation Engineer: You should have a strong background in software testing and automation.
    • Extensive experience in developing and implementing fully automated test scripts: You’ll need proficiency in tools and scripting languages such as Python and CAPL.
    • Development experience with Linux and/or Android Test: Familiarity with these environments is beneficial.

    Project Technical Stack:

    • Selenium – Cypress (as alternative)
    • Git / Bitbucket
    • Jenkins
    • Terraform
    • Jira
    • Confluence
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