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Senior Business Development Manager

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Brightgrove is a global IT service company that helps businesses evolve by solving their technical, talent, and business challenges.

Founded in 2011 by three engineers, Brightgrove has grown to 650 team members across our international locations in Colombia, Costa Rica, Poland, Romania, Canada, Ukraine, Germany, and the United States.

Our partnerships with diverse businesses across industries like Video Streaming, Hospitality & Travel, Finance, Real Estate, e-Commerce, Healthcare, and Consumer Electronics have shaped our effective software delivery framework.

We offer a full suite of managed IT services, including technical discovery, architecture, design, custom software engineering, and ongoing support. Our expertise extends into digital transformation advisory, where we specialize in cloud migrations and cloud-native solutions development, data engineering and analysis, and effective transition of our clients to future-ready environments.

We're always learning from our clients and team. See what they have to say on Clutch and Glassdoor.


We are now naturally evolving our international sales division to fuel new growth. As a Business Development Manager, you will play in a highly competitive US market focusing mainly on mid and large-size long-term clients.

You’ll be provided with a complex but reasonable sales process, yet still maintaining the freedom to bring your own ideas to live relying on your previous experience, and insights from client market and labor markets. You will deal with multiple decision makers on both client’s side and internally. You will have to focus on building trusted long-term relationships with our clients.  

During onboarding process, you will receive appropriate training as well as ongoing mentorship to make sure it turns into success.


You will report directly to Director of Operations Latin America based in Colombia. He’s a seasoned leader with more than 14 years of success in leading teams and managing business operations. He currently oversees company effectiveness and delivery to North America customers.

You will be supported by our experienced international sales management team – VP of Business Development based in the EU having more than 17 years in IT sales successfully working with clients in the US and Europe and by Business Development Team Lead, who has twelve years of sales experience, including 8+ years in Global IT.

Your team will consist of other Business Development Managers located internationally working in different markets and/or domains.

Our org structure is flat and simple. We make decisions quick and effective. We win together. We have fun together.


  • Interview process that respects people and their time
  • Professional and open IT community
  • Internal meet-ups and resources for knowledge sharing
  • Time for recovery and relaxation
  • Bright online and offline events
  • Opportunity to become part of our internal volunteer community


• Perform sales activities across international client and labor markets combining various service offerings
• Propose and implement the Business Development Strategy allowing you to hit your monthly appointments quota
• Deeply investigate and research your potential leads
• Meet potential clients in order to make the right first impression
• Develop and maintain trusted long-term relationships
• Identify clients’ needs and recommend proper solutions
• Produce creative sales proposals
• Work with different internal teams to make things happen fast
• Have authority to close the deals
• Follow established process and maintain all data in the CRM / ERP


  • Excellent soft and communication skills. Ideally an extravert who shines around other people
  • English - fluent or close to native
  • You are a well-organized self-starter 
  • You are result oriented and persistent. You will not take “No” for an answer. 
  • You know how to push smart and not cross the line
  • You are resilient and flexible. You don’t give up, you take hits and keep going
  • You are competitive. You hate to lose. You work hard to win 
  • You are intelligent life-long learner
  • You know the rules of the IT bizdev game 
  • You know how to fit yourself into existing process as well as contribute your creative ideas to drive improvements
Recruiter Juan Diego Hernandez Chavez
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Juan Diego Hernandez Chavez

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